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Green As You Go

In Environmental Communication on March 26, 2011 at 12:28 pm

By Gian Franco Gabrillo

Crime Scene
Litter is more than an eyesore on city streets and alongside highways. Litter pollutes waterways and leaches toxic chemicals into soil and groundwater as it breaks down. Most litter begins with a careless or thoughtless act by a single person who tosses away a cigarette butt or an empty soda can, which means there is a lot you can do to prevent litter.

Because of these uncontrollable waste disposal disciplines by some Letran-Calamba students, the school had to do something to keep everything in order. The environmental cluster of the campus organized a committee devoting in helping the nature. The Physical Resource Development and Management Committee (PRDMC) also manages these three sub-committees—Solid Waste Management (SOLWAMS), Energy Conservation and Good Housekeeping. These divisions are spearheaded by Prof. Lorenzo “Boy” Isla (Director, Community and Extension Services Department), Engr. Raul Joaquin Cuenco (Dean, School of Engineering), and Prof. Dulce Corazon T. Barraquio (Director, Human Resource Department), respectively.

SOLWAMS Committee

This Letran-Calamba environmental committee is the first and oldest of the three. Compared to the other two, this division has already implemented a number of policies. These are just some of the regulations made:

  • Zero-Styro Policy
  • Clean as You Go Policy (Claygo)
  • Segregational Bins all around the campus (The red, green and yellow trash bins)
  • Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Lectures

Hindi  lang naman nasusukat ang pagiging epektibo ng proyektong ito sa pag monitor lang sa mga kalat. The mere presence nitong mga policies ay nakakatulong na para ipaalam sa mga estudyante ang mga dapat nilang gawin”, said Prof. Isla.

Energy Conservation Committee

Another committee devoted in helping the environment is ECC. This group conducts studies on how Letran-Calamba can save electricity.

There is an on-going study on “Air Condition Centralization.” The study is about whether centralization of airconditions in the campus will be of big help in conserving electrical consumption, thus, lessening the electrical bill to be paid by the students.

Good Housekeeping Committee

The last of the three committees is this, the Good Housekeeping Committee. The function of this committee is to monitor all the offices, building and school grounds in relation to orderliness and cleanliness.

As of early 2011, Letran-Calamba has been on the process of building a Water Treatment Facility. The said structure can be located at the back of the nursing building.

The Water Treatment Facility treats the water wastes in the campus. (i.e. urine) With the process of cleaning the water wastes, it helps in preventing the hazardous effects when the wastes are disposed. With the water treated, there’s no worry even if the water wastes go somewhere near a body of water or absorbed by the soil.

These projects prove how much Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba is dedicated in spreading the Letran Environmental Advocacy.



In Environmental Communication on March 26, 2011 at 12:18 pm

By Gian Franco Gabrillo

Earlier on 2010, Letran-Calamba has become much more concerned on beautifying the campus by using greenery. The school spent money for two landscapes now located at the sides (one for each side) of the main stage of Delas Casas Building. That project not only helped the school to doll up, but also helped the environment. It served as a mini sanctuary for the plants rooted there.

In addition to what the campus have done, the management came up with the idea to put in extra plants beside the newly built huts near the nursing building. Horse tail plants were planted there and some small flowers also contributed in beautifying the area. Last April 28, 2009, right after Pandayan X, a tree planting project was done at the back of the nursing building, at the side of the gym. Professors, varsity playes, RSO (Recognized Student Organization) officers, and Pandayan X participants helped in the said activity.

I believe that Letran tried to build an environmental advocacy through implementing “Tree Planting Projects” for students taking NSTP (National Service Training Program), a course enrolled mostly by first year students. The project requires students enrolled in NSTP to go outside the school, to a selected planting venue, bring a young plant, place it in a designated hole, and plant it there.

The school implemented such activities to impart not only to the students, but also to all Letranites an environmental discipline. Every day, the earth suffers due to deviant people. To contribute in alleviating this problem, we should all THINK GREEN!

The better outlook of green mindedness…

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 3:40 pm

By Faye Katherine Calderon

Saving Drops of LifeIt is the air we breathe that make us alive and the water we drink that make us survive. Without the two there is no sense of the world turning around. We all know that the basic needs—food, shelter, clothing is important for a man to find the endurance to live. But we didn’t realize that there are free resource(s) that should be managed and taken care off. Water in the early times was free but then through the influence of technology, it is improvised that is why there are now water stations producing mineral and distilled drinking waters. But in other places water is still free like in houses near the spring which they can get fresh water directly from it. Others are those who have their own poso built inside their yards and I can see this as their advantage most especially when they are experiencing water short breaks during brown outs. See how useful and helpful the water is? It is not only the food that keep us alive because we can’t end a day drinking glasses of water and taking a shower especially nowadays that we are experiencing climate change.

We are the caretakers of our environment that is why MAN is the only creature created by God who has wisdom—knowledge to distinguish right from wrong, and courage to practice right over wrong. We should start living green and thinking green. Dirty living and bad habits might pollute us, others and the whole community. It was never wrong to live in accordance to good. Once a chance was put into waste, it would never come back. So while the Earth is still existing let us start a change and make a better purpose of our existence. Let us start it in our own cribs and in the place where we spend more time than from our home—our Colegio. Keep moving folks! If it is true that the world will end by 2012, at least we have done something good to save it from its affliction.

A Hauberk for My Castle

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 1:40 pm

By Nadeline Anne de Guzman

A Castle for a Knight

I am a Letranite. I am a Knight. I have my duties and one of this is protecting my castle. My castle’s name is Letran and can be found at the foot of Mt. Makiling. It has been strong for almost 32 years and now I have to make it stronger for the future knights. My castle already experienced wars against different threats of natural calamities. There were threats such as typhoons and earthquakes that shake and test its stance. It also went under different effects of air and water pollution.

Industrialization and the birth of new technology paved way to a more intense effect of the said pollutions. Smoke belching vehicles, tobacco smoke, residue of products from ongoing construction to name a few are main contributors of Air pollution. The household chemicals being used in cleaning the comfort rooms and waste treatment facilities has been the major contributors of water pollution. These things are very visible for a keen Letranite observer.

I am still looking for a Knight who would like to create a Hauberk with me, a knight who would protect and knows the real worth of that castle. Could you be the one? Here’s how.

  1. Walk and Save. Every school day we found ourselves riding into tricycle on our way inside Letran. It has been a daily habit for some of us. Come to think of it, we should have taken a walk instead and save that six-peso coin for other expenses. The distance between the Letran-Pamana street is very short and can be measured by almost half a kilometer. Take the opportunity of saving your money, helping the environment and burning fats and carbohydrates through brisk walking or cycling.
  2. Tricycle

  3. STOP. Say no to smoking although it does sound cliché, the “No smoking policy” has been implemented for ages. It’s written at every school handbooks yet it seems that it has no effect. There were cigarettes wastes that can be found as evidence at some areas in Letran. Yes,it’s true that quitting smoking is not an easy task but at least try to avoid smoking while inside the school premises so that other Letranites couldn’t be affected by your second hands smoke. If you don’t care for your health, well at least be sensitive and try to understand that others were choking on your smoke.
  4. Crime Scene

  5. READ. Letran have this properly labeled trash cans that enables us to throw the trash properly at its respective category. There were green trash cans for Biodegradable (paper waste), red trash cans for residual (plastics) and yellow trash cans for Non-Biodegradables (pet bottles). I assumed that all of us know how to read and understand the labels. We were properly educated regarding those matters but how come there were still people who put plastic cans into that red trash can?

Mixed Trash

I know that you have been tired about reading those articles on ways to save our planets. But come to think of it, if we already did these things long time ago, we wouldn’t be tired of hearing and reading these same complains over and over again. I know that you have the qualities of a Knight and you too could create a hauberk for Letran.

Living the Ant’s Way

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 1:00 pm

By Wency Jonan Andaya

Walking Ants

One time when I was taking a bath, I’m wondering how I am supposed to have a better idea of writing this article. Then all of a sudden I saw two ants helping each other while carrying a piece of food. Imagining this, few realizations entered in my mind such as how hard they strive just for the sake of their whole colony subsistence, how they unconditionally help one another and how they were able to stand again every after their home was broken by misfortune.

Just imagine people working just like how ants do, everything would be in order and maybe even the most impossible things you could imagine would become possible. All I am saying here is simply look in the power of cooperation. This is an extremely important concept to grasp, because what it means is that by helping other people to the best of your ability you automatically help yourself.  The more goals and objectives you can help people to accomplish, the more valuable you become to the world.

In our world’s environmental situation now, this kind of concept is seriously needed especially by those who were greatly affected by the recent tsunami in Japan. We must help them to stand again. We may not be personally be there but through the simplest and sincere sympathy for them and even the smallest amount that we could give is enough. But if everyone pays no attention to this odd phenomenon, it might happen again in the future or worst maybe tomorrow.

Considering the awareness of all the people regarding the tragic condition of our environment, we really still have the chance and the choice of preventing consecutive disasters bombarding us now. Many have believed that this is only a part of nature’s revenge to the abusive living of indifferent people. But what are we still doing? Some people might do a little smoking, a bit of driving, and a once in a week burning of wastes. But we should not forget that all big things always begin from small things. Are we going to wait for the nature to shake and awaken us from our wrongdoings? Take note of all the simple and harmful things you’ve done because it might bring you the life’s bitterest revenge. So let’s not waste time anymore and end this kind of transgression before the world ends it for us. Let’s come together as one and save our precious earth.

Letranites – the vanguards of nature

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 12:54 pm

By Christian Bote

Vanguards are the foremost division or the front part of an army. You may also call them “advance guards”. They have a certain sense of dignity and honor around them, and they face enemies head-on without fear. We letranites, too, are vanguards. We are part of nature’s order, and we must uphold our honor of being its aegis.  Being part of the order is an easy task, however. One must accept the responsibilities of being one, and must follow (and also to remind those who are starting to forget) these easy-to-remember guidelines:

  • Letranites have a sense of duty— We letranites must remember our duty: to protect, preserve, and conserve our order’s leader- Nature. We are the first line of defense against Nature’s enemy: pollution. Pollution can come even from ourselves, so we must be very careful of our actions. The rules are there to protect those under it, and it is our duty to follow them.  Disobeying the rules are acts of treason against nature.
    Trash for Ages
  • Letranites have a sense of honor– We letranites must be wary of our own actions and acts of others. If one sees a wrongdoing made by another (such as littering) then one must lead the way for that individual to do the right thing. Honor does not only revolve around protecting oneself and Nature, but it also involves saving others from wrongdoings.


  • Letranites walk the path of nature–We letranites are regular consumers of nature’s bounty, and as we walk in her path, we must be guided by Nature’s rules: to reuse items, to reduce pollutants, to recycle those that are able, and to return her bounty to her. With Nature’s code, we act as an aegis that serves to protect Nature.

The guidelines may be few, but understanding and following them takes a lot of time and effort. It may sound like an endeavor at first, but it pays to listen and follow them, rather than being taken over by nature’s worst enemy: POLLUTION

Who’s to Blame?

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 12:25 pm

By Nickson Dionglay

“Nature can live without people but people cannot live without nature.”

Letran in Bloom

Letranites wake up, stop and look around your surroundings. We are supposed to be the stewards of God’s beautiful creation, nature. The Colegio is located at the foot of the great Mt. Makiling, on the campus there are trees and flowering plants that blooms every morning and you can feel the relaxed ambience. Where is the respect if we keep on destroying “Mother Earth”? Is there integrity? I bet there is no excellence in it.


Students and teachers should be the one taking care and the ones that give importance on nature and its wonders but that is not the case here. You can see students and teachers smoking in front of the campus, sometimes even inside the campus. Where is justice in that aspect? We are armed with knowledge and understanding of what could happen if this will continue. Improper garbage disposal, the use of Styrofoam, endless smoking and many more

will surely result to flashfloods, spreading of infections that will result to diseases, a possible another dengue outbreak, and more. I am not exaggerating things but I am just presenting the possible consequences if we keep on doing these things.

When are we going to stop doing the things that will destroy our nature, our world and will surely result to our own extinction? When everything is already destroyed and devastated? When all your loved ones are gone? Think again! Think green! Do something now and change the world start with yourself and they will all follow. Save Letran, save Mt. Makiling and it is also possible to save the world! This is a collective effort we are all in this together. Start now, and make a difference show them who are the true blue Letranites.

Umiwas sa Mapaminsalang Lamok!

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 1:19 am

ni Jayson Rangel


Sa mga nakaraang taon ay marami ang nagkasakit at namatay sa sakit na dengue fever. Karamihan dito ang mga kabataan at ito ay kadalasang na nakukuha sa mga tahanan at paaralan. Dahil sa sakit na ito ay naalarma na ang gobyerno, ospital, at buong bayan dahil parami na ng parami ang napipinsala nito. May mga simpleng  paraan para maiwasan ito at hindi na kailangan maapaektuhan ang inyong kalusugan at pamumuhay.

  1. Takpan ang mga container o lalagyanan ng tubig upang maiwasan na pangitlugan lamok
  2. Panatiliing malinis ang kapaligiran
  3. Huwag mag tambak ng basura kung saan saan (maaring paghiwalayin ang nabubulok sa di nabubulok na basura)
  4. Panatilihin na tuyo ang kapaligiran(itapon na nag mga lumang gulong, lata ,bote upang din a mapasukan ng tubig ulan)
  5. Tingnan at linisin nang regular ang mga alulod ng bahay upang maiwasan ang pag-iipon dito ng tubig-ulan.
  6. Gumamit ng kulambo habang natutulog sa araw o dili kaya’y lagyan ng “screen” ang mga bintana o pinto ng bahay.
  7. Gumamit ng lotion para sa lamok
  8. Kapag nakitaan ng mga sintomas ay agad ng pumunta sa pinakamalapit na health center

Iwasan at sugpuin ang lamok upang maiwasan ang mga pinsala nito sa ating pangaraw-araw na pamumuhay. Mabuti na ang may alam at handa lalo na sa panahon ng tag-ulan. Pangalagaan ang malusog na kapaligiran!




Nanganganib na Paraiso!

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 1:10 am

ni Jayson Rangel

Pink Flower

Kay gandang pagmasdan ang kasiglahang galaw na kanilang taglay, mga kulay na masarap sa ating mga paningin at ang halimuyak na nakikiusap na lasapin natin sila. Ano nga ba ang kahalagahan nila sa ating kapaligiran?

Nectar of Life

At bakit unti unti na silang nawawala?

old dry plant

Ang mga bulaklak at halaman ay may malaking parte sa ating kapaligiran. Sila ang nagbibigay kulay sa bawat daanan, tirahan at mga paaralan. Higit pa sa kagandahan nitong taglay ay marami itong naiitulong sa atin tulad ng medisina, pagkain, malinis na hangin at buong ekosistema.  Dahil sa mga polusyon na nararanasan natin tulad ng polusyon sa hangin at tubig ay unti unti na silang naganganib.

Dahil sa paggamit ng mga makabagong teknolohiya, mga usok ng mga pabrika at sasakyan ay lumalala ang polusyon sa hangin. Ang maduming hangin na ating nalalanghap ay nakakasama sa ating kalusugan at kapag ito’y humalo sa ating kalangitan ay magkakaruon tayo ng ibat ibang delubyo. Ang isa na rito ay ang acid rain na lubos na nakakasira sa mga halaman at nilalang. Ang acid rain ay ang paghahalo ng masamang hangin tulad ng sulfuric acid at tubig galling sa ulan. Kapag ito ay bumagsak sa lupa ay maaring makasira sa ating kapaligiran. Maari nitong mapatay ang mga halaman, hayop, at iba pang nilalang. At kapag ito ay humalo sa sustansya ng lupa ay masisira nito ang sistema ng paggawa ng pagkain nito na nagdudulot ng kanilang kamatayan.

Iwasan natin magsunog ng mga plastik, magtipid ng tubig, at gumamit ng mga alternatibong paraan upang makaiwas sa masamang polusyon. Maraming paraan upang makatulong tayo sa ating kapaligiran kahit sa mga simpleng mga paraan. Atin natin silang pangalagaan, ingatan at paunlarin dahil balang araw ay sila rin ang magliligtas sa ating buhay.


Make a Difference, Make your move!

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 12:44 am

By Lady Talitha Hernandez

Air and water is very essential in our everyday life. Without air, how can we breathe? If there’s no air in space, how can there be wind? How can we feel the fresh air? Without water, how can we take a bath? If we are thirsty, where on earth can we find water?  Those are the questions in my head. What if there is no air and water?  How are we supposed to do the basic routines in our everyday living? Yes, simple and basic things but very significant. If there is no air and water, our life will be difficult. No air and water = No life!

A poison for my age

God created water and air for us to live easily and to use it well. But sometimes we tend to become abusive, rude, harmful, and selfish. Air and water was not used properly by the people, by US. Yes, we are the number one reason of why there is what we called “AIR POLLUTION and WATER POLLUTION”. Sad to say that God created it for us but we are also the cause of the bad things that is happening to our environment. It affects our environment and actually not only that but also us. Most of the times, we don’t care about the bad effects of our wrong doings. As long as we do the things that we want and if we are satisfied with it then we don’t mind even though we are already being cruel to our environment.  A very bad habit but we are actually like that.

But it doesn’t end there. We, as teenagers and as Letranites, can do something good about it. How can we take good care the water and air? How can we use it in a productive way? How can we protect it? How can we reduce the pollution? It seems like that it is very to easy to answer but very hard to do but if we are really willing and determined to do it then there’s no way that we can’t.

In Letran-Calamba, we can really see that the air and water is polluted. Let’s go first to the Air pollution.  Some of the students smoked everywhere without realizing that it affects our environment. The exhaust on a vehicle also affects it. Unfortunately, the most obvious pollutant here is the smoke. Although the automobile is the main source of air pollution in contemporary cities, there are other equally significant sources. But we can prevent these pollutants. Here are some of the tips to help prevent air pollution:

  • Avoid smoking! It is not only dangerous to our health but as well as to our environment.
  • Try to go to school by considering alternative means of transportation such as walking, bicycling and etc.
  • Avoid spilling gas.
  • Avoid using harmful chemicals.
  • Spread the Word! J

Those are only some tips on how to prevent Air Pollution but there’s a lot of way to stop it. Moving on, the next issue is the Water Pollution. If you walk along in Letran-Calamba, you will really see that the water is really polluted. Human activity is the largest cause of why water is getting polluted. One of the causes is the abused usage of water in the comfort room, the throwing of garbage in the canals and so on and so fort.

Mostly, the used water from household creates wastewater, also referred to as sewage. It causes pollution, which results in harming both humans as well as animal life. Water also gets polluted when there is a runoff of rainwater which flow directly and drains into water systems without any treatment. But just like the Air pollution, we can also prevent it. Here are some of the tips to help prevent water pollution:

  • Conserve water by turning the tap off when you do not need running water to avoid seep in.
  • Throw your garbage in the right place and Dispose it in a proper manner. Avoid throwing it in the canals, rivers, oceans, lakes and etc. and try and incorporate the recycling habit as far as possible.
  • Products like sanitary napkins, and diapers should not be flushed down the toilet, for these can cause up damaging the process of sewage treatment.
  • Try using environmentally friendly household products.
  • Spread the Word! J

A way to healty life

Basically, that’s it. We can help even in a very simple way. If we are determined then we can do it. This is not only for our good but this will help for the future generation. Isn’t it great that we are part of taking good care of our environment? We can finally say that we did something good and productive to prevent the Air and Water Pollution.

“We all have an opportunity to significantly reduce climate change pollution and cut costs at the same time,” says Peter Lehner, executive director of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Let’s make it a lifestyle! It’s never too late; we can still make a difference! Let’s be part of the good change, a better difference! This is just the beginning! Make your move my fellow Letranites! J