About Us

SPEDTACKLES: Our Very Own Spectacles
Welcome to SPEDTACKLES, the very own website of our clique, the SPEDS. In here, we celebrate each other’s uniqueness, idiosyncrasies, and quirks but we also have become united because of one common thing – our friendship. We have formed this blog not only in the hopes of having online communication with one another, but we also want to share our thoughts and ideas to the world. This serves as our online journal-slash- online freedom wall-slash- online portfolio-slash- online communication with one another. All the things that you will see here are based on us, our lens, and the way we view things – thus, SPEDTACKLES (similarly pronounced as spectacles). All content are the experiences of every member of SPEDS, and the content (may it be photo, video or blog, etc.) is a SPED’s way to TACKLE issues in life that he/she is facing, or things that a SPED thinks is worth sharing. Thus, if you like it better or when the need arises, it can be called the SPEDTACKLES (pronounced as SPED TACKLES just like how you pronounce the word TACKLE itself, nice and slow). A SPED can TACKLE and talk about anything, everything under the sun. This is how we can practice how to be communicators, at least in the online world. You may see memories, a lot of school stuff, pictures, videos and so many other things and you may find it weird… It’s no problem for us. For we are special people with unique needs, united as one, out to break out from the tide, and make marks on each others’ life. Enjoy browsing. This is us, celebrating our exceptional life the way we see it jive.

The WHO?

Danica Marie E. Abesamis
Wency Jonan P. Andaya
Ma. Anais M. Barbecho
Christian P. Bote
Faye Katherine M. Calderon
Ma. Nerlisa Ericka DR. Dator
Nadeline Anne P. de Guzman
Yveth F. del Rio
Paul Nickson C. Dionglay
Lady Talitha T. Hernandez
Princes Eunice Nedamo
Jayson R. Rangel

with the PLUS for our Environmental Communication Project


Gian Franco Gabrillo
Ralph Joseph Elic


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