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What is Communication?

In College Life on March 24, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Wrote this way back from my freshmen years…yieee.. PE

Communication. For almost six months now, I have been bombarded by thoughts about what is that when you say communication. Other people might say, ‘ooh, communication is the thing we do when we talk with others’. But is communication really that shallow?

If you will ask a member of a Communication Academe, they could tell you, ‘Communication is a sending of messages from one point to another, wherein it could be hindered by a noise or could produce a feedback.” Forgive me for saying so, but I think it’s still shallow.

Shallow, not in a sense that it was never given depth, but shallow when we jive it with the way we interact with people. Communication goes beyond transmission. It is an understanding, a relationship, a spark, a connection.

I remember the blurb of Nokia, it goes like this, “Connecting People.” Mere two words, but I think it meant a lot that just ‘connecting’ and not much for the ‘people’. “Connecting People” as seen in the blurb may only mean to communicate, to make persons understand one another, not to cause more confusion. I think Communication should be like that, to create understanding amidst confusion.

I’m here discussing what communication is all about understanding but one thing keeps bothering me, how do I know that communication is understood? Simple, if one learns to interact.

Interaction with people comes only after communication. How could you interact when at first, you don’t communicate? True enough.

Let us say we already communicated and interaction, now, what comes next? What else, but understanding. When we communicate, we interact; and there comes understanding. Understanding one another is very important because it is one of the main goals of communication. To achieve understanding on both parties. If we fail to do that, then I say, it was not a successful practice of communication.

Now, you may wondering why the hell I am discussing this? Simply because I need to remind myself that I am a Communication major and if I’m a failure at communicating, interacting and understanding people, then might as well not continue in this field.

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Reality Bites

In letran calamba on March 21, 2011 at 4:15 pm


Keep Calm and Heal the World

Keep Calm and Heal the World

We’re currently experiencing different calamities around the world. There were earthquakes in New Zealand, tsunami in Japan and in the Philippines a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hits Laoag an hour ago.

It was during our ComRes class when we experienced an earthquake (keep calm, that wasn’t a 6.0 degree magnitude; I think ). We weren’t fully aware of what’s happening during that time because we were busy discussing our research plans. It’s just that one of our classmate asked “Lumindol ba?”  Made us think that hey “Lumindol nga“. Then we had this crazy thought of having a possibility of dying in Letran holding pens and papers; depressed because of school works.

Hell Week is Coming

In letran calamba, school work on March 20, 2011 at 10:23 am

Hell Week as what other students would like to call the EXAM WEEK is approaching and we, SPEDtackles are busy doing the requirements to pass this semester.

Right after the ARt-RIBA Festival, we thought that the semester has finally ended. But the truth is that the real battle is yet to come, we have lots of things to do. Communication Research Proposals, Environmental Communication Articles and blog site, Economics Written Exam and World Literature Book Review Exam to name a few are the requirements.

Let me clear that we aren’t complaining. We just wanted to inform one another.


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SEKEND an Independent Film


DALAWANG AMA a Theatrical Play

ARt-RIBA FESTIVAL: March 16-18 at Girolamo Savoarola Hall (Media Center).

SEKEND is a Independent fil produced by the 3rd Year AB COMM students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba. Written and Directed by Mr. Bart Andrew S. Mendoza. http://www.knightvisionproductions.net

DALAWANG AMA is a Theatrical play written by Mr. Jose Victor Z. Torres, directed by Mr. Bart Andrew S. Mendoza.

In behalf of the 3rd year AB COMM students, we would like to thank everyone who supported and watched our shows.