Dear Summer: We’ve got Creative Crest. :)

In College Life on April 9, 2011 at 2:31 pm

By Faye Katherine Calderon

In every person’s life there is something that will always be remembered and valued. As a student, I have learned a lot of things not only in terms of education but also on how we will put it into application. And I will learn more of it this summer. Yes, this summer.. So I must say Dear Summer: I won’t be joining you this year with the fun of your exploration and vacation, but hey… in 34 days of your most awaiting season I will experience how it feels like to be a working girl.

A glimpse inside the Corporate World

Last two months I and my girlfriends Nadeline Anne De Guzman and Wency Jonan Andaya had an early preparation for our OJT, we emailed various companies asking if they are accepting ojt applicants, only few replied. But we did not let our hopes go down, hence, we continue sending our resumes to other companies. A week after… Creative Crest replied… Oh God! We were astonished, it is only February, and we already got a response and that is a very good news, we now have a company wherein we could have our training. But you know what Summer, I will still miss you and the fun that you bring. But this opportunity is something that I won’t missed, this is only once so I will take a grasp and grab it so hard. Creative Crest is an International PR Firm, we have got the chance to work with Ms. Clarissa Repollo and Ms. Danica Nayre. And they are good to us, they welcomed us as if we were their little girls. By the way, today is our second day, and I am writing this stuff because Ms. Clarissa allowed us to surf the net for a while and I thought of creating a letter that will show how I really feel right now. Yesterday, we did the same thing as today, we updated and added contacts in the CC’s Media System and searched for possible contacts and companies around Asia. We were also oriented about the possible things that we will do, and as our boss said, we will be having different tasks every week- that’s challenging. I now miss my family in Laguna, it’s hard to rent a place but I will see them later as we went home. So Summer, I guess you will still be fun ’cause this season I and my friends got a reason to enjoy you… and it’s working in Creative Crest. 🙂


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