The Post AdVenture (OJT Experience)

In College Life on April 7, 2011 at 9:54 am

Never had I thought that OJT would be like really a JOB that would require us to really work. haha.

At first I just thought that it would be like a classroom that we would be taught lessons… but I was mistaken. We need to experience doing things first hand.

For our first day, we were briefed and oriented about what our tasks are. We are told about our assignments for the Kaogma festival in CamSur. We now have a general idea about how we are going to operate, thanks to the seemingly endless orientation and even a mini field trip c/o our Supervisor, Ms. Nicky Mendoza.

We were refreshed about the basic ideas in marketing, advertising, even to a point that we need to be conscious of the ad placements here at Sta. Mesa. 🙂

It was quite fun and memorable, but what really motivates me to do all these things, despite that we are already warned of the possible hardships that we can encounter, is our trip (HOPEFULLY) to CamSur, the new hottest tourist spot in the Philippines. 🙂

Eunice Nedamo

Post Ad Ventures, Inc.

Sta Mesa, Manila


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