In Environmental Communication on March 26, 2011 at 12:18 pm

By Gian Franco Gabrillo

Earlier on 2010, Letran-Calamba has become much more concerned on beautifying the campus by using greenery. The school spent money for two landscapes now located at the sides (one for each side) of the main stage of Delas Casas Building. That project not only helped the school to doll up, but also helped the environment. It served as a mini sanctuary for the plants rooted there.

In addition to what the campus have done, the management came up with the idea to put in extra plants beside the newly built huts near the nursing building. Horse tail plants were planted there and some small flowers also contributed in beautifying the area. Last April 28, 2009, right after Pandayan X, a tree planting project was done at the back of the nursing building, at the side of the gym. Professors, varsity playes, RSO (Recognized Student Organization) officers, and Pandayan X participants helped in the said activity.

I believe that Letran tried to build an environmental advocacy through implementing “Tree Planting Projects” for students taking NSTP (National Service Training Program), a course enrolled mostly by first year students. The project requires students enrolled in NSTP to go outside the school, to a selected planting venue, bring a young plant, place it in a designated hole, and plant it there.

The school implemented such activities to impart not only to the students, but also to all Letranites an environmental discipline. Every day, the earth suffers due to deviant people. To contribute in alleviating this problem, we should all THINK GREEN!


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