Green As You Go

In Environmental Communication on March 26, 2011 at 12:28 pm

By Gian Franco Gabrillo

Crime Scene
Litter is more than an eyesore on city streets and alongside highways. Litter pollutes waterways and leaches toxic chemicals into soil and groundwater as it breaks down. Most litter begins with a careless or thoughtless act by a single person who tosses away a cigarette butt or an empty soda can, which means there is a lot you can do to prevent litter.

Because of these uncontrollable waste disposal disciplines by some Letran-Calamba students, the school had to do something to keep everything in order. The environmental cluster of the campus organized a committee devoting in helping the nature. The Physical Resource Development and Management Committee (PRDMC) also manages these three sub-committees—Solid Waste Management (SOLWAMS), Energy Conservation and Good Housekeeping. These divisions are spearheaded by Prof. Lorenzo “Boy” Isla (Director, Community and Extension Services Department), Engr. Raul Joaquin Cuenco (Dean, School of Engineering), and Prof. Dulce Corazon T. Barraquio (Director, Human Resource Department), respectively.

SOLWAMS Committee

This Letran-Calamba environmental committee is the first and oldest of the three. Compared to the other two, this division has already implemented a number of policies. These are just some of the regulations made:

  • Zero-Styro Policy
  • Clean as You Go Policy (Claygo)
  • Segregational Bins all around the campus (The red, green and yellow trash bins)
  • Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Lectures

Hindi  lang naman nasusukat ang pagiging epektibo ng proyektong ito sa pag monitor lang sa mga kalat. The mere presence nitong mga policies ay nakakatulong na para ipaalam sa mga estudyante ang mga dapat nilang gawin”, said Prof. Isla.

Energy Conservation Committee

Another committee devoted in helping the environment is ECC. This group conducts studies on how Letran-Calamba can save electricity.

There is an on-going study on “Air Condition Centralization.” The study is about whether centralization of airconditions in the campus will be of big help in conserving electrical consumption, thus, lessening the electrical bill to be paid by the students.

Good Housekeeping Committee

The last of the three committees is this, the Good Housekeeping Committee. The function of this committee is to monitor all the offices, building and school grounds in relation to orderliness and cleanliness.

As of early 2011, Letran-Calamba has been on the process of building a Water Treatment Facility. The said structure can be located at the back of the nursing building.

The Water Treatment Facility treats the water wastes in the campus. (i.e. urine) With the process of cleaning the water wastes, it helps in preventing the hazardous effects when the wastes are disposed. With the water treated, there’s no worry even if the water wastes go somewhere near a body of water or absorbed by the soil.

These projects prove how much Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba is dedicated in spreading the Letran Environmental Advocacy.


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