The better outlook of green mindedness…

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 3:40 pm

By Faye Katherine Calderon

Saving Drops of LifeIt is the air we breathe that make us alive and the water we drink that make us survive. Without the two there is no sense of the world turning around. We all know that the basic needs—food, shelter, clothing is important for a man to find the endurance to live. But we didn’t realize that there are free resource(s) that should be managed and taken care off. Water in the early times was free but then through the influence of technology, it is improvised that is why there are now water stations producing mineral and distilled drinking waters. But in other places water is still free like in houses near the spring which they can get fresh water directly from it. Others are those who have their own poso built inside their yards and I can see this as their advantage most especially when they are experiencing water short breaks during brown outs. See how useful and helpful the water is? It is not only the food that keep us alive because we can’t end a day drinking glasses of water and taking a shower especially nowadays that we are experiencing climate change.

We are the caretakers of our environment that is why MAN is the only creature created by God who has wisdom—knowledge to distinguish right from wrong, and courage to practice right over wrong. We should start living green and thinking green. Dirty living and bad habits might pollute us, others and the whole community. It was never wrong to live in accordance to good. Once a chance was put into waste, it would never come back. So while the Earth is still existing let us start a change and make a better purpose of our existence. Let us start it in our own cribs and in the place where we spend more time than from our home—our Colegio. Keep moving folks! If it is true that the world will end by 2012, at least we have done something good to save it from its affliction.


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