Restoration of Values

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 12:22 am

By Anais Barbecho

Colegio de San Juan de Letran, our Alma Mater. What is your mark as a Letranista? What will you leave behind when you graduate from this pillar of educational excellence? A question that’s always lingering in our mind.


Hybrid of students nowadays is becoming more and more diverse that the institution’s cleanliness and beauty are being put into jeopardy. By just loitering around the corridors and hallways of the school, you will see pieces of litter around. Some students don’t care, and just ignore it, while others take a little of their time and throw the pieces of dirt in the trash bin. The desks and walls are bombarded with gums and vandalism. Sad to say but this is the situation in the school, the bad guys overwhelming the good guys, in simpler words. The irony of the situation is that the students spend so much time, fixing themselves to be presentable, but a small deed of proper waste disposal is like a nightmare that they keep on forgetting.
Time to change
Many of us might ask ourselves, what can a student contribute to the institution? It’s true that we are indeed just a part of Letran Community but we can always contribute even in our own little ways. The school always envisions us to be the caretaker of our second home. Some of the ways that we can do that will chip in a big help to the institution are, throwing of garbage in their proper trash bin and not vandalizing and destructing the school’s facilities. These are simple ways but they leave a big impact on the school’s cleanliness and beauty. We must always bear in mind that there is a mutual relation between us and the school. What the people think about the Colegio is based on how we conduct ourselves as a Letranista, while on the other hand, what the people think of us is based on what school are we from. Thus, if we will maintain and preserve the beauty of Letran, this will eventually reflect back to us and positive feedback is a sure thing.

Change will always start within us. Let us be the frontrunners in taking care of the institution and help spread and revive the value of a true Letranista. Arriba Letran!


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