Make a Difference, Make your move!

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 12:44 am

By Lady Talitha Hernandez

Air and water is very essential in our everyday life. Without air, how can we breathe? If there’s no air in space, how can there be wind? How can we feel the fresh air? Without water, how can we take a bath? If we are thirsty, where on earth can we find water?  Those are the questions in my head. What if there is no air and water?  How are we supposed to do the basic routines in our everyday living? Yes, simple and basic things but very significant. If there is no air and water, our life will be difficult. No air and water = No life!

A poison for my age

God created water and air for us to live easily and to use it well. But sometimes we tend to become abusive, rude, harmful, and selfish. Air and water was not used properly by the people, by US. Yes, we are the number one reason of why there is what we called “AIR POLLUTION and WATER POLLUTION”. Sad to say that God created it for us but we are also the cause of the bad things that is happening to our environment. It affects our environment and actually not only that but also us. Most of the times, we don’t care about the bad effects of our wrong doings. As long as we do the things that we want and if we are satisfied with it then we don’t mind even though we are already being cruel to our environment.  A very bad habit but we are actually like that.

But it doesn’t end there. We, as teenagers and as Letranites, can do something good about it. How can we take good care the water and air? How can we use it in a productive way? How can we protect it? How can we reduce the pollution? It seems like that it is very to easy to answer but very hard to do but if we are really willing and determined to do it then there’s no way that we can’t.

In Letran-Calamba, we can really see that the air and water is polluted. Let’s go first to the Air pollution.  Some of the students smoked everywhere without realizing that it affects our environment. The exhaust on a vehicle also affects it. Unfortunately, the most obvious pollutant here is the smoke. Although the automobile is the main source of air pollution in contemporary cities, there are other equally significant sources. But we can prevent these pollutants. Here are some of the tips to help prevent air pollution:

  • Avoid smoking! It is not only dangerous to our health but as well as to our environment.
  • Try to go to school by considering alternative means of transportation such as walking, bicycling and etc.
  • Avoid spilling gas.
  • Avoid using harmful chemicals.
  • Spread the Word! J

Those are only some tips on how to prevent Air Pollution but there’s a lot of way to stop it. Moving on, the next issue is the Water Pollution. If you walk along in Letran-Calamba, you will really see that the water is really polluted. Human activity is the largest cause of why water is getting polluted. One of the causes is the abused usage of water in the comfort room, the throwing of garbage in the canals and so on and so fort.

Mostly, the used water from household creates wastewater, also referred to as sewage. It causes pollution, which results in harming both humans as well as animal life. Water also gets polluted when there is a runoff of rainwater which flow directly and drains into water systems without any treatment. But just like the Air pollution, we can also prevent it. Here are some of the tips to help prevent water pollution:

  • Conserve water by turning the tap off when you do not need running water to avoid seep in.
  • Throw your garbage in the right place and Dispose it in a proper manner. Avoid throwing it in the canals, rivers, oceans, lakes and etc. and try and incorporate the recycling habit as far as possible.
  • Products like sanitary napkins, and diapers should not be flushed down the toilet, for these can cause up damaging the process of sewage treatment.
  • Try using environmentally friendly household products.
  • Spread the Word! J

A way to healty life

Basically, that’s it. We can help even in a very simple way. If we are determined then we can do it. This is not only for our good but this will help for the future generation. Isn’t it great that we are part of taking good care of our environment? We can finally say that we did something good and productive to prevent the Air and Water Pollution.

“We all have an opportunity to significantly reduce climate change pollution and cut costs at the same time,” says Peter Lehner, executive director of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Let’s make it a lifestyle! It’s never too late; we can still make a difference! Let’s be part of the good change, a better difference! This is just the beginning! Make your move my fellow Letranites! J


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