Living the Ant’s Way

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 1:00 pm

By Wency Jonan Andaya

Walking Ants

One time when I was taking a bath, I’m wondering how I am supposed to have a better idea of writing this article. Then all of a sudden I saw two ants helping each other while carrying a piece of food. Imagining this, few realizations entered in my mind such as how hard they strive just for the sake of their whole colony subsistence, how they unconditionally help one another and how they were able to stand again every after their home was broken by misfortune.

Just imagine people working just like how ants do, everything would be in order and maybe even the most impossible things you could imagine would become possible. All I am saying here is simply look in the power of cooperation. This is an extremely important concept to grasp, because what it means is that by helping other people to the best of your ability you automatically help yourself.  The more goals and objectives you can help people to accomplish, the more valuable you become to the world.

In our world’s environmental situation now, this kind of concept is seriously needed especially by those who were greatly affected by the recent tsunami in Japan. We must help them to stand again. We may not be personally be there but through the simplest and sincere sympathy for them and even the smallest amount that we could give is enough. But if everyone pays no attention to this odd phenomenon, it might happen again in the future or worst maybe tomorrow.

Considering the awareness of all the people regarding the tragic condition of our environment, we really still have the chance and the choice of preventing consecutive disasters bombarding us now. Many have believed that this is only a part of nature’s revenge to the abusive living of indifferent people. But what are we still doing? Some people might do a little smoking, a bit of driving, and a once in a week burning of wastes. But we should not forget that all big things always begin from small things. Are we going to wait for the nature to shake and awaken us from our wrongdoings? Take note of all the simple and harmful things you’ve done because it might bring you the life’s bitterest revenge. So let’s not waste time anymore and end this kind of transgression before the world ends it for us. Let’s come together as one and save our precious earth.

  1. While reading this article, I sudden realize that we should not imitate all the characteristics of ants. Maybe they have cooperation with each other, but they do it to serve not only the colony, but also the queen. In the human world, a great leader must not be an ant queen-like of person. A leader must serve its colony.

    Natural disasters are unavoidable. All we can do is to prepare. Not only for ourselves but also for others that will be needing our help.

  2. ayos to.. naisip ko n dn minsan yang idea mo n yan.. 🙂 sana katulad ng langam ang mga tao.. 🙂

  3. Someday

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