Letranites – the vanguards of nature

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 12:54 pm

By Christian Bote

Vanguards are the foremost division or the front part of an army. You may also call them “advance guards”. They have a certain sense of dignity and honor around them, and they face enemies head-on without fear. We letranites, too, are vanguards. We are part of nature’s order, and we must uphold our honor of being its aegis.  Being part of the order is an easy task, however. One must accept the responsibilities of being one, and must follow (and also to remind those who are starting to forget) these easy-to-remember guidelines:

  • Letranites have a sense of duty— We letranites must remember our duty: to protect, preserve, and conserve our order’s leader- Nature. We are the first line of defense against Nature’s enemy: pollution. Pollution can come even from ourselves, so we must be very careful of our actions. The rules are there to protect those under it, and it is our duty to follow them.  Disobeying the rules are acts of treason against nature.
    Trash for Ages
  • Letranites have a sense of honor– We letranites must be wary of our own actions and acts of others. If one sees a wrongdoing made by another (such as littering) then one must lead the way for that individual to do the right thing. Honor does not only revolve around protecting oneself and Nature, but it also involves saving others from wrongdoings.


  • Letranites walk the path of nature–We letranites are regular consumers of nature’s bounty, and as we walk in her path, we must be guided by Nature’s rules: to reuse items, to reduce pollutants, to recycle those that are able, and to return her bounty to her. With Nature’s code, we act as an aegis that serves to protect Nature.

The guidelines may be few, but understanding and following them takes a lot of time and effort. It may sound like an endeavor at first, but it pays to listen and follow them, rather than being taken over by nature’s worst enemy: POLLUTION


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