A Hauberk for My Castle

In Environmental Communication on March 25, 2011 at 1:40 pm

By Nadeline Anne de Guzman

A Castle for a Knight

I am a Letranite. I am a Knight. I have my duties and one of this is protecting my castle. My castle’s name is Letran and can be found at the foot of Mt. Makiling. It has been strong for almost 32 years and now I have to make it stronger for the future knights. My castle already experienced wars against different threats of natural calamities. There were threats such as typhoons and earthquakes that shake and test its stance. It also went under different effects of air and water pollution.

Industrialization and the birth of new technology paved way to a more intense effect of the said pollutions. Smoke belching vehicles, tobacco smoke, residue of products from ongoing construction to name a few are main contributors of Air pollution. The household chemicals being used in cleaning the comfort rooms and waste treatment facilities has been the major contributors of water pollution. These things are very visible for a keen Letranite observer.

I am still looking for a Knight who would like to create a Hauberk with me, a knight who would protect and knows the real worth of that castle. Could you be the one? Here’s how.

  1. Walk and Save. Every school day we found ourselves riding into tricycle on our way inside Letran. It has been a daily habit for some of us. Come to think of it, we should have taken a walk instead and save that six-peso coin for other expenses. The distance between the Letran-Pamana street is very short and can be measured by almost half a kilometer. Take the opportunity of saving your money, helping the environment and burning fats and carbohydrates through brisk walking or cycling.
  2. Tricycle

  3. STOP. Say no to smoking although it does sound cliché, the “No smoking policy” has been implemented for ages. It’s written at every school handbooks yet it seems that it has no effect. There were cigarettes wastes that can be found as evidence at some areas in Letran. Yes,it’s true that quitting smoking is not an easy task but at least try to avoid smoking while inside the school premises so that other Letranites couldn’t be affected by your second hands smoke. If you don’t care for your health, well at least be sensitive and try to understand that others were choking on your smoke.
  4. Crime Scene

  5. READ. Letran have this properly labeled trash cans that enables us to throw the trash properly at its respective category. There were green trash cans for Biodegradable (paper waste), red trash cans for residual (plastics) and yellow trash cans for Non-Biodegradables (pet bottles). I assumed that all of us know how to read and understand the labels. We were properly educated regarding those matters but how come there were still people who put plastic cans into that red trash can?

Mixed Trash

I know that you have been tired about reading those articles on ways to save our planets. But come to think of it, if we already did these things long time ago, we wouldn’t be tired of hearing and reading these same complains over and over again. I know that you have the qualities of a Knight and you too could create a hauberk for Letran.


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