7 Ways to Prevent Air Pollution

In Environmental Communication on March 24, 2011 at 11:10 pm

By Yveth F. del Rio

The fact is that humans are the major contributor of air pollution. Air pollutants, either inside the house or outside the house, are hazardous to living organisms’ health. The effects of air pollution, to mention few that I know, can cause respiratory diseases. It can even produce irritation of eyes and throat that you’ll cough several times. Now, it is vital that everyone should help contribute to prevent air pollution. There are assured ways that one can reduce the production of air pollutants. These are 7 ways to prevent air pollution:

  1. First thing we can do is minimize the usage of fuel and electricity inside the home. That way, we can contribute not only minimizing air pollution but also saving energy. Good things start at home, right?
  2. Automobile Care.  Drive the car at an average speed and turning it off in traffic are tools for saving fuel.
  3. If possible, use public transportation. That way, you can contribute to public income and helps prevent air pollution. Walk or just ride a bike.
  4. A way to healty life

  5. Fill gas tank during cooler hours to cut down evaporation.
  6. Plant trees. Trees can absorb carbon dioxide in the air.
  7. Do not smoke. Remember that smoking can cause respiratory tract infections.
  8. Do not burn trash. When trashes are burned, they produce smoke and release toxic gases.

Social awareness about air pollution is a very important step for preventing air pollution. Simple changes can make a huge difference in the amount of air pollution we are exposed to.

    1. Wow. Nice article. Good thing to know some preventive measures you’ve mentioned can be easily done. 🙂 Let’s prevent air pollution! 🙂

    2. its a very good article. keep it up.. it helps save our planet.. and its starts with every one who has the thought and the heart to do so…

    3. this article has a good point,good things i learned something. 🙂 by the way, good topic 🙂

    4. Save mother earth. Start to practice so we can all benefit. 🙂 Good article.

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